Time to stop wading through the quicksand of endless internet searches and find a real person to talk to you. The Good Story Ambassadors are here to coach you through your confusion and communication humps. As experts and professionals in their field, they offer one-on-one coaching via video chat as well as hands-on help with copyediting or writing effective, engaging newsletters.




Newsletter Writing/Storytelling

Coaching includes:
    •    Edit newsletter copy
    •    Evaluate current newsletter
    •    Writing strategy to engage audience
    •    Becoming a storyteller

Social Media: Facebook/Instagram

Coaching includes:
      •    Evaluating current social media
      •    Crafting your public voice
      •    Engaging your audience where they live

  •  Choosing the best platform for engagement
  • Safety features and best practices



Coaching includes:
      •    Evaluating current content and layout

  •  Creating compelling content

  • Strategies for better engagement 

  • Posting frequency and scheduling posts

  • Best Practices

Internet Security

  • Home router setup – Help with router set up for maximum safety and to best meet the needs of their household. Could include selection, firmware flashing, and other setup items.
  • Computer security setup – Help with computer setup with antivirus software, a firewall, and general safety precautions based on operating system.
  • Safety planning and strategies – Help with creating a plan to safely and effectively use your devices and online content. Teach strategies to automate this process or reduce distractions so plans will be followed and not discarded for the sake of convenience.

Check out our online academy for self-paced learning on these topics at basic, intermediate and advanced levels!