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Helping missionaries communicate Kingdom stories that inspire worship.


We provide affordable creative services and training to help missionaries around the world communicate their impact.

Every day missionaries are living out the Great Commission and amazing things are happening! Too often their stories are not clear or go completely untold. With heavy expectations to communicate back home to supporters, missionaries feel poorly equipped with communication "know how" and the skills to utilize the technology available today.

We exist to relieve this burden by equipping and training missionaries to be safe, savvy and proficient communicators.

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Are you a Kingdom-minded tech or creative? Become an Ambassador and use your skills to impact those on the frontlines of the mission field.


Watch our NEWEST documentary

We Are Here: A story of Jesus and the unseen Roma (Gypsies)

For centuries, the Roma or Romani have arguably been one of the most misunderstood people groups on our planet. Rumors have long persisted about these mysterious people. How can a people group of over 20 million worldwide stir up such controversy and debate about its identity and origin?